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SIGN NOW: Bring More Choices to San Diego

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Gives voters more choices
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Creates more competition
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Promotes more diverse ideas
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Encourages civil campaigns

How More Choice Voting Works

  • In San Diego, the nonpartisan primary will remain exactly the same except five candidates, instead of two, will advance to the general election.
  • In the general election, you can still vote for only one candidate as you currently do OR you can rank candidates in order of preference.
  • If a candidate wins a majority (over 50%) among the first-choice votes, or that candidate is preferred by a majority of voters when compared to every other candidate, that candidate is the winner.
  • If this eliminated candidate was your first choice, then your vote automatically goes to your second choice!
  • This process continues until one candidate receives a majority of the final votes.
  • Results in winners always being supported by a majority of voters

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