ACTION ALERT: Tell the City Council to Put Top4RCV on the November Ballot

July 17, 2020
More Choice SD

We need your support now more than ever to get Top4RCV on the November ballot. There are two ways you can show your support and take action: by submitting a public comment electronically or by calling in. Instructions for each are below.

SUBMIT A PUBLIC COMMENT: How You Can Help Before July 21

We need as many people as possible to submit a supporting comment before Tuesday July 21st to be included in Tuesday's meeting.

Submit a Public Comment Here >>>

Public Comment Instructions:

When you submit a public comment, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Your Contact Info
  • Meeting Date: July 21, 2020
  • Comment Type: City Council Comment
  • Agenda Item Number: 330
  • See sample comments at the bottom of this page

Another way to help before July 21

Please email or call your City Council member and urge their support.  Some council members have already voiced their support and you can thank them when you email or call to ensure they maintain support for Top 4 Ranked Choice Voting.

Find your district if you don't know it.

To use a simple prewritten email tool to email your councilmember, click this link.

To call your councilmember:

Rules Committee Members - Voted to Support

If your city council member is on this list, please thank them for their support and ask them to continue to support Top 4 RCV. This is very important as we move forward to make sure our supporters know they have their constituents backing.

  • District 1-  Barbara Bry 619-236-6611
  • District 4 -  Monica Montgomery 619-236-6644
  • District 5 -  Mark Kersey 619-236-6655

Remaining City Council Members - Urge them to Support!

  • District 2 - Jen Campbell 619-236-6622
  • District 3 -  Chris Ward 619-236-6633
  • District 6 - Chris Cate 619-236-6616
  • District 7 -  Scott Sherman 619-236-6677
  • District 8 -  Vivian Moreno 619-236-6688
  • District 9 -  Georgette Gomez 619-236-6699

CALL: How You Can Help ON July 21st (This Tuesday!)

We will need all hands on deck calling into the council meeting to support Top4RCV. The meeting starts at 11am and we expect our agenda item (330: Proposed ballot measure to adopt Ranked Choice Voting) to be addressed between 12-2pm.  Watch the meeting via this web stream and when our item comes up, follow the instructions below.

Here’s the order they’re going to go in:

  • 335
  • 331
  • 332
  • 333
  • 334

You can find the full agenda here.


Dial-in Instructions (Once Item 330 is being Heard)

  • DIAL 619-541-6310
  • Enter the Access Code:  877861 then press ‘#’.
  • You will then be placed in the queue until it is your turn. When you hear “Your phone has been unmuted” it is time for you to voice your support.

Additional detailed instructions can be found here: Public Comment Instructions

Sample comments:

  1. I believe our differences get magnified when candidates and voters don’t have an opportunity to be heard. I support Top 4 Ranked Choice Voting because it allows for more candidate voices and more voter choices. This helps us bring more issues to the table that are otherwise marginalized.
  2. I support Top 4 Ranked Choice Voting in the general election because it allows me to fully exercise my right to vote. Being able to rank candidates means I vote honestly for the candidate I like the most without worrying about helping the candidate I like the least.  I am asking you to vote “Yes” in support of this initiative.
  3. I believe every councilmember should vote in support of putting Top 4 Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot. Giving voters the opportunity to be heard by ranking candidates (and the issues they stand for) in the General Election will empower and re-energize our communities at this critical time in our democracy.
  4. Please support the Top 4 Ranked Choice Voting initiative pushed forward by More Choice San Diego.  Our elections are important and this incremental change from Top 2 to Top 4 will create more competition and allow for more inclusive public debate in our communities.  Too many voices are silenced in the primary that is now in early March. Top 4 would focus voters and press attention on the most viable candidates, preventing the marginalization of candidates by a large field and ensuring voters have real choice in November.
  5. As a voter, I am tired of watching two-candidates tear each other down rather than talk about issues that affect San Diego.  Using Ranked Choice Voting in the General Election will give us campaigns where candidates will succeed by campaigning more positively and focusing on earning my support – even if it’s my 2nd or 3rd ranking.  Please vote “Yes” in support of the Top 4 RCV initiative.
  6. Top 4 with Ranked Choice Voting in the General is the best way to empower voters. While some people want to radically change our elections and eliminate the primary for the Mayor, City Council and City Attorney races; With 70+ county, state and federal questions still on the primary ballot, I think this would send a bad signal to voters.  Keeping the primary and using to narrow the field to the top 4 candidates and adding the option to rank them in November is the best way to give voters more power without taking away any voting opportunities.  
  7. I believe every councilmember should vote in support of Top 4 Ranked Choice Voting. Pairing ranked choice voting with a top-four primary allows more candidates to move on to the general election, making it more competitive where the most voters participate. This proposal would create more diverse elections and better representation without disenfranchising voters.  Please vote “Yes” in support of the proposal from More Choice San Diego.