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Giving every voter the chance to express their complete views honestly at the ballot box is an essential step to achieving fair and equitable representation for us all.
Amy TobiaRepresent.Us San Diego
If we want governments to be more effective and efficient in addressing the many problems our society faces we need to change how we elect governments. I became involved in election reform because I see that the structure of our current winner takes all plurality method of voting impedes progress by driving polarization and obstructing compromise toward possible solutions.
Ed ChaplinRepresent.Us San Diego
We have 100 years of history advocating for voter empowerment, and this election reform empowers voters to exercise a more expansive voting option while also preserving the processes that are familiar to them. It enables voters full participation in the Primary and and also allows them to rank candidates in the General Election.
Lori ThielLeague of Women Voters of San Diego
The More Choice SD proposal will give voters more choices, empower more candidates, and make representatives more accountable to more people in a way that ensures that important community voices and issues are not marginalized by the larger political narrative and forces.
Geneviéve Jones-WrightCommunity Advocates for Just and Moral Governance
Our current election system incentivizes division. Top4RCV will help voters, candidates, and elected officials by incentivizing better and more unifying representation.
Chad PeaceIndependent Voter Project
"Our democracy is stronger when it works for everyone. Our current electoral system makes it tougher to have more choices and greater accountability. More Choice SD provides voters with more opportunities to be heard, holds representatives accountable to the people and makes it easier for more candidates of color to run for office."
Ismahan Abdullahi
Our election system currently poses as a system that favors division, and concentrating power in a way that does not benefit voters. The More Choice proposal will give people a stronger voice when it comes to electing candidates to office, and allow voters to hold elected officials to a higher degree of accountability.
Aniya BrownCommunity Advocates for Just and Moral Governance
Top 4 RCV is about the VOTER, the chance for all to participate in a first round primary and the opportunity to choose from among not two, but four candidates, giving voters a greater voice in the election process. Top 4 RCV will also allow for a more level playing field and greater opportunity for CANDIDATES as well, including for more women and people of color. And THAT will translate into greater representative government.
Jeff MarstonIndependent Voter Project
"As Executive Director of PANA, Ramla Sahid has overseen the organization’s growth and prominence as it has skyrocketed in a few short years to become one of San Diego’s most important civic engagement and advocacy organizations."
Ramla SahidPartnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA)
"Francis Johnson is a founding partner of Communications Resources LLC, a public affairs, public relations and political consultancy specializing in government and media relations, corporate communications and crisis communications initiatives, developed policy issues for political candidates, and grassroots engagement efforts."
Francis JohnsonTake Back Our Republic
Once I saw that this measure corrected the problem of too many people being elected having the support of less than 50% of the voters, I knew that this would be an improvement. As an added advantage, this type of voting encourages less negative campaigning. That will have a positive effect on voters who are so tired of negative advertising during election cycles. It should be a win for candidates, voters and our city.
Jeanne BrownLeague of Women Voters of San Diego
John is a long-time electoral and democracy reform advocate, supportive of a more level playing field for electing independent and third-party candidates. He sits on the board of the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR), an umbrella organization for democracy reform.
John E. Palmer
"We deserve an election system where our votes matter, that delivers us more political choices, and that rewards candidates who represent all San Diegans and work to bring us together rather than tearing us apart."
Todd Levinson
Judy Forman, who, in 1980 bought The Big Kitchen- a diner in the Golden Hill area of South Park, San Diego. Judy, a vibrant personality, was a trained social worker and The Big Kitchen quickly turned into a community sanctuary for social justice and activism, as well as a mecca for artists, locals, politicians, feminists, eccentrics and the gay community.
Judy FormanBig Kitchen
“At a time of such excessive polarization and stagnation in our politics, nothing is as important as improving the electoral systems by which our politicians are incentivized. Ranked Choice Voting is one of a very few tools by which we can dramatically improve the state of our democracy by providing for more equitable representation for all.”
Guy CammilleriCAL RCV

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